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BQR x Proper BMX Seats

A few years ago we released our first collab seats with ProperBikeCo, which went down a treat. After they sold out, we started working on these.

We've gone for 3 colourways:

Brown and Black if you like to be subtle and understated, or you can be an absolute weapon and go for the Arctic Camo version. These are based off our Arctic Camo Jackets and lanyards. We even used exactly the same patterns so they'd match.

We’ve gone with a fat shaped seat with a little less padding on top for the best combination of comfort and good looks.

We chose to go with a Tripod design because:

  • It looks cleaner without a slit on top of the seat
  • The Tripod post provides more support to the base, making for a stronger seat seat up
  • The seat sits a little further back on a Tripod (which we prefer)
  • The Tripod system is noticeably lighte