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Our new front hub is generally going to look much like any other, however, there’s a load of thought and years of research and development behind the scenes.

We’ve thickened up the flanges on this hub. We also set the spokes holes much further down the flange than most hubs. This makes the wheel stiffer and prevents any deformation from the spokes pulling over time. We’ve used larger bearings than most other front hubs. These are tried and tested to be durable enough to cope with whatever loads BMX (in all it’s variations) can demand.

We’ve got a matching guards available with the hub. Our guards replace the cone nuts and (because they’re made from new the super-tough new Ultramid® nylon) there’s no need for a metal inner and they’re cheap and easy to replace. The guard is slightly wider diameter than most popular pegs (including plastic pegs) so you should protect your spokes and flanges and avoid grinding on top of the guard. James Curry was able to give us some helpful grind advice with the guards.
Anything other than a 17mm socket bolt (with 6mm broach) means carrying extra tools so we kept things simple and went with a standard bolt.

Key features
Flange width 4mm
Flange height 52mm
2 x 6902 bearings
17mm bolts with 6mm broach
6061 shell and 7075 cones
Optional Ultramid® Nylon guards

Weight: 203grams with bolts