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The Evo II is the natural progression of the original Evolver. It has seen constant refinement and new running changes to keep it as the standard in BMX braking. This design allows for a seemingly limitless amount of cable installation options, while remaining equally powerful as both a front OR rear wheel brake. New forge tooling was created that provides for a sleeker side profile. Arms are forged prior to machining for strength and durability.  

* All of the cable set screws are now flat-tipped to prevent excess damage to the cable’s inner wire. 
* Cable lugs are smaller and use a 10 mm hex head. 
* Pre-lugged straddle cable is shorter. 
* Front cable adapter is smaller and made of aluminum. 
* Flush surfaces, with the lowest possible overall stack height. 
* Front or rear wheel use. 
* Redesigned brake pads. 
* Two sets of springs (hard and soft for custom tension/modulation). 
* Spring tension indicators (easy set up). 
* Newly designed straddle hanger.