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The hub that almost every modern cassette is based on is the V3 Cassette hub . Designed and Re-designed in-house at Odyssey BMX in California. Odyssey have been making this hub, and improving it since 2001, every other hub comes second, and prospers from their improvements. The V3 has the first hollow, heat-treated, 14mm axle with 6mm Allen wrench end for easy removal and maintaience. Angled Flanges to resist spoke damage and breakage.


  • Re-Designed version of the Odyssey Hazard Cassette Hub
  • 3 Pawl Engagement for Positive Engagement
  • Angled Flanges
  • Heat-Treted 4130 Hollow Cro-mo Axle w/Hex Ends
  • Cro-mo Hardware
  • 4 Sealed Bearings
  • 9T, 10T, or 11T one piece driver (please specify your preference)
  • 12t-16t cog driver also available
  • Weight: 530g