Proper Magnatlite Cassette (K7) hub £99.99

Proper Magnatlite Cassette (K7) hub £99.99

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When we introduced the original Magnalite hubs back in 2007 it changed the way rear hubs were made forever and spawned a generation of hubs based of similar (or in some cases identical) technology.

To this day the driver mechanism remains more reliable than most and many riders remain loyal to this pioneering design.

The main innovation on this hub was the nylon bushing replacing the tiny bearings of previous drivers and sitting that bushing on a shim that would slide to slide to keep a decent chain alignment across all set up (which consequently put less strain on the driver).

*Please note when ordering that not all hubs will have the same logo pictured below. Some variations have the classic logo with 'bike co' under 'Proper'.