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Stefan’s signature Montaña bar is full 4130 CrMo seamless tube, multi butted technology and post weld heat-treated. Montaña”bars come in both 8.75” and 9.25” rise options, with a 1.5-degree up-sweep, 11-degree back-sweep and come 29” wide stock, but for convenience all “flybikes” bars come with incremental 0.5” cut lines to help customize to your own personal width. Stefan’s bars weigh 737g / 1.62lbs.

  • 4130 Cr-Mo seamless tubing with post welded heat treatment.

  • Multi butted technology.

  • 0.5” length cut lines for easy width customization.

  • Stefan´s choice combination of 8.75” / 29” / 1.5º/ 11º.