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Ride like Chad Kerley without blowing the bank

This 2019 model is a complete Chad Kerley signature bike by Haro BMX.

This bike is for you if you

  • are about 5'6" in height (Chad's height)
  • weigh around 150lbs (Chad's weight)
  • are a mid-level rider
  • want a bike suitable for both park and street riding
  • like to ride with a freecoaster
  • ride with right foot forward (LHD)
  • want to ride on a set-up similar to Chad Kerley's (AM is short for 'Amature Model' indicating its not 100% identical to his own setup)

Important specifications you should notice

  • Solid Chromoly frame with integrated head tube and a 20.75" top tube
  • Strong bars, cranks, and fork constructed with Chromoly materials as well
  • Durable double wall Haro Sata rims 36h
  • His own fat 2.4" Premium CK tyres
  • LSD freecoaster with 9T driver for maximum fakie fun
  • Short 12.75" (slammed) chainstay making rotations and nose manuals easier

Get to learn Chad Kerley through 10 facts

  • 25 years old
  • From San Diego, California
  • Front figure on team Premium since 2009 and now an active member of team Haro
  • At the age of just 18 months, Chad Kerley could ride a 2-wheeled bike
  • Two times X-Games gold in park - 2013 and 2018
  • Gold winner at Dew Tours 2013
  • Was a race rider until 2008 and won almost anything he took part in
  • Known for very technical riding with lots of manual lines
  • He is a very positive and well-liked person that people enjoy being around
  • His sponsor-list also includes Nike, Rockstar, GoPro, Cinema, and MARKIT Denim

Are you still not sure who Chad Kerley is and what he is capable of? - Make sure to check out his video edit on the top of this page.