Flatware Forks £139.99

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The newest product in the Flatware line, these 41 thermal forks are light yet still very strong thanks to Odyssey's 41 Thermal Chromoly Manufacturing Process. So strong that the Flatware forks have a LIFETIME warranty.

-Legs are butted and tapered inside and out
-Chase Gouin designed lowered crown junction keeps your foot on your tire and not jammed under the steerer tube
-Includes low profile removable brake mounts
-Zero, Minimal (16mm) or Chase Gouin signature (28mm) offset
-3/8" dropouts
-Long 185mm steerer tube
-7075 alloy pre-load bolt
-built in headset race (works with integrated headsets only)
-Zero Offset: 29.7oz/843g
-Minimal Offset: 30.7oz/870g
-Chase Gouin Offset: 33.6oz/952g