The Vans BMX Invitational

Good luck to all riders representing IMG brands in Huntington Beach this weekend; Matt Roe (above), Tom Dugan, Dan Foley, Chase Hawk, Sergio Layos, and Gary Young. You can catch the live feed here at 7pm tonight (UK time). Gary flies straight from this contest to the UK so we’ll be rooting for him more than ever. Remember the Sunday UK tour kicks off Monday with the first stop stop on Wednesday. It’s going to be amazing!

Gary Young for Odyssey

Way back when (2002) Gary Young screamed past a group of my mates outside the Telford Backyard Jam and ice chinked the curb (which none of us had seen before) at full speed. I wanted to get him in Ride UK so I got Mark Malone to sort out some text and Mark Noble found a nice photo for Ride 059. His first magazine picture.

Yeah I know, cool story bro. I don’t care, Gary Young rules.