Dig Legend – Ruben Alcantara

I went to the 1997 BMX Worlds in Eindhoven. Got there pretty late and there was a spine contest in full swing on the biggest (must have been 8ft+) spine set up you’ve ever seen. Dave Osato was killing it alongside a random Spanish guy with the full hucker kit; this is the only evidence I could find that the hucker in Eindhoven might have been the style god (and all around legend) known as Ruben;

Front brake – check
44t Sprocket – check
Gloves – check
2 x 48g wheels – check
Pierced headtube – check
Tripled walled rims – check

For more far better accounts of Ruben’s past (present, and future) check his Dig “Legends” Interview.

Dig Magazine

As you may have heard elsewhere, Dig magazine is now free to bike shops. The latest issue is a classic, with Joe Rich, Ruben, BF, or Van Homan on the cover. If you’d like a wodge of Digs sent with your order feel free to remind us. If you’re looking to pick up a free copy we’ll be providing details of where to get them shortly. There is a stack of Joe Rich covered copies heading to The Boarding House in Exeter right now.