Van Doren Invitational

A banging round up of the second day of practice from RIDE BMX. Featuring IMG brand riders Matt Roe (on the thumbnail), Chase Hawk, Gary Young and Tom Dugan.

The qualifying is tonight at 7pm (UK time). I’m not sure of the exact URL for the feed but check here. Hopefully Rooftop and DMC have their suitably dry commentary hats on again this year!! Always a good watch.

Hot Odyssey Items dropping this week

Odyssey x Vans seats in Tripod or Pivotal versions.

dugan Feather
New Tom Dugan signature Tripod seat.

Sean Sexton grips in black, army green, or gum.

Lasergram seats in Pivotal or Tripod versions.

Anniversary sprocket. Black or Polished. 25t.

Broc Raiford grips in black, gum, or this banger colourway.

Aaron Ross “Boss” grips in black as well as well the previously available gum and orange.

Red Galaxy
Red Galaxy seats in Tripod or Pivotal.

Sexton Clutch
Sean Sexton “Clutch” Freecoaster hub in LHD or RHD or a complete wheel pre-build to a Hazard Light rim

Tiger Dye Seeley
New Jake Seeley “Tiger Die” seat from Sunday! Tripod or Pivotal version.


Odyssey Clutch freecoaster

The Clutch Hub is based off the traditional coaster hub design, but throws away all of the problematic elements and only keeps the parts that work. Odyssey beefed up the axle, the bearings and the mechanism itself so riders can finally go backwards without spending all of their time fixing the hub. Includes a plastic hub guard and external slack adjustment via the sliding collar.

The hub includes a female axle with a 14mm non-drive side axle bolt and 3/8″ drive side bolt with built-in 14mm adapter. This configuration is lighter and stronger than a 14mm solid male axle. The 3/8″ drive side bolt provides room for an ultra-long-lasting bearing system in the driver – one of the weakest points on traditional hubs. The 14mm non-drive side bolt is incredibly strong and allows for a larger bore in the axle. Team tested and proven. Patents Pending.

Worth noting, Gary Young (who rides everything) conveniently adjusts his slack on the fly depending on if he is riding street or park, without having to take his wheel off.


Sean Sexton Signature
Super-durable bearing arrangement throughout
Maximum strength axle design
Unique external slack adjustment feature
Super-durable drag mechanism design
Patents pending


36-hole, 2014-T6 aluminum shell
Female inbound axle
9-T Driver
Left or right hand drive
Compatible Hub Guard (included, but optional to use)
22.5 oz / 640g

Also available as a complete wheel laced to a Hazard Lite rim.