New freshness from the Odyssey family

DGN stem Raft Stem
Two new stems to sit alongside the top-selling SXTN stem. Broc Raiford’s RAFT stem has a 50mm reach and 30mm rise making it taller than most and perfect for modern technical riding. Tom Dugan’s DGN is a more classic 28mm rise and 51mm reach and will feel right at home blasting quarters.
If there’s a better looking entry level complete than this limited Galaxy AM Plus then we’re yet to see. Fully loaded with Odyssey parts (Springfield brake, PC pedals, Hawk tyres etc) and 9″ bars with a top load Freeze stem.
At long last we have a new Odyssey packback. Meet the Vagabond. You’ll be seeing them everywhere this Summer.
The Rope grips from Broc Raiford and Odyssey are 160mm long and come with free par ends. You can’t go wrong with this type of design.
Aaron Ross has followed up his top-selling Ross/Keyboard grips with these Boss bad boys. Par ends included and some wild colourways like we’ve come to expect from Aaron.PEDL-ODYSSEY-TWISTED-PC-GALAXY-RED-3
The last round of Galaxy pedals flew and these red ones are going to do the same. These are a one-off run so act fact.
Red Dugan
Gum_Dugan 1024x1024
Tom Dugan’s super fast signature tyre hasn’t been with us long and already the manz got colour.
Orange Hawk
Gum Hawk
Hawk’s are our best selling tyre and now they come in this stand out orange and a more subtle gum.
The store owner’s delight. The universal guard. GSport has two offerings; the metal Uniguard has a 10mm and a 14mm version and sits outside your dropouts to protect spokes, flanges, and cones from grind damage. the nylon Gland guard is now it it’s forth incarnation and this one is front/rear specific and more compact that it’s hugely popular predecessor.