GSport Monday

Here’s a couple of edits from GSport team riders that need checking;

Andrew Jackson comes through with huge pop, pegless grind wizardy and a whole ton of stuff you might not be expecting. Street riding you can’t practice at the local plaza makes for entertaining edits!

Dan Foley – Dynamics from Dan Foley on Vimeo.

Dan Foley has an equally unique (and totally different) approach to riding to riding. You have no idea what’s coming next which is why we have no idea how he’s without a frame sponsor right now.

GSport Pleg 2’s

Here’s one for ya! GSport Pleg’s are 4″ plastic pegs with a diameter pretty much the same as a chromoly pegs and a 3/4 length alloy insert that insures the plegs have far more support than the original Plegs. Pleg 2’s aren’t the least expensive plastic peg but they do come supplied with TWO plastic sleeves. Making them tip top when it comes to value.If you need any proof of the Pleg 2’s performance witness Broc Raiford’s recent frame promo.