2014 Proper shipment

Acala Wedge spread
After more than a year of testing the Acala stems are finally available. There’s four options (front or top load, wedge or regular 6 bolt) and the four colour-ways. Again these stems are CNC’d from 7075 billet for maximum strength and have been considerably beefed up when compared with previous Proper stems. The wedge system uses similar technology to that successfully employed by Thomson. The Proper version uses just one 6mm (same as the four front bolts) bolt, which is obviously preferable for the stresses of BMX and more convenient (as you only need one Allen key).
Acala 6bolt Ox Blood RedTripod seats
Tripod seats have an unstoppable momentum now. The pricing is comparable with pivotal but the performance and aesthetics are better. Proper’s version comes with four different coloured posts and once colour seat. That’ll be black. In two different sizes. A slim version and a mid/fat version. The Proper seat is a fairly classic simple finish with embossed logos. The lack of frills means the Proper seat is also keenly priced.
Proper Tripod posts

New Stebson colours web

Stebson grips come in Army Green or the new Ox-Blood red tie dye that has been getting a lot of attention.

BSH raw 3 BSH raw 2 BSH raw 6 BSH raw 1
BSH v2 – Again. Over a year since the first prototypes and the samples are still going STRONG. We still have the original BSH frame available but this version has an additional head tube gusset and completely refined geometry. The wheelbase has been shorted by mellowing the seat tube angle and steepening the head tube angle, meaning the frame is more suited to spins on flat ground (and out of grinds). The V2 is available in polished bare metal or ED black finishes and a top tube length to suit you (note the short wheel base will make a 21.4” v2 BSH feel like a regular 21” frame).

Red Vanguard
Available in black, polish, ox-blood red, or blue. 25t 27t or 28t. Guard sprockets are gaining popularity as the next wave of street riders seek to protect their chain during crooked grinds etc. This one is CNC’d from 7075 alloy and features squared teeth and four rotation points for maximum durability. This sprocket accepts half link chains and fits all cranks (except socket-drive Odyssey Thunderbolts).

Gary Young for Odyssey

Way back when (2002) Gary Young screamed past a group of my mates outside the Telford Backyard Jam and ice chinked the curb (which none of us had seen before) at full speed. I wanted to get him in Ride UK so I got Mark Malone to sort out some text and Mark Noble found a nice photo for Ride 059. His first magazine picture.

Yeah I know, cool story bro. I don’t care, Gary Young rules.

The Devon Smillie Show

Devon Smillie is pretty much bossing his way into 2014. Check the edit above, the parts below, and watch him kill it live at Simple Session again in a few weeks.

Here Devon talks you through his FlyBikes signature line. Unlike a lot of signature products Devon seems to know and understand why his products ride exactly the way they do. No wonder those Fuego frames are running low already!