Odyssey Tom Dugan Tripod seats

Arriving in the UK right about now. Odyssey worked with @tommydugan to produce a simple slim Tripod seat design, and that is exactly what they ended up with. The debossed pattern on this seat references the actual seat on his Honda motorcycle as well, which is a nice touch. Black only. Hit up odysseybmx.com for more info and details.


Sunday completes are coming back into stock. This 18″ sold out weeks before arrival previously.

Springfield brakes are dominating right now. An Odyssey brake with a retail price under £20!

Gary Young won the X-Games in Barcelona. Here’s the new version of his signature grip.

These Aitken Nightwolf tyres come with a reflective red strip. There also a Nighthawk version if the slicker tyre is your cup of tea.

There Aloha Twisted PC pedals nearly blew up the internet when dropped. These are available for pre-order now. There wont be free stock after they arrive.
Chase Hawk and Tom Dugan both have sick signature tripod seats coming in from Odyssey.

Van Homan pegs from GSport. Nothing more to be said on that one.

We’ll finally have stock of GSport Pleg 2’s available again.

GSport Simian hub guards are coming! So are Odyssey Antigram guards for the front!

Stocking Filler (Part 2)

Gum grips
Gum grips are all types of popular right now. Chase Hawk grips are deleted in this colourway but it’s the softest stickiest one and we still have limited stock. These tan Ruben’s are a classic. 135mm or 155mm.
Green stuff
Looking for green headset that’s going to last? Odyssey has your back with this Hunter Green. We also have limited stocks of the (now deleted) GSport Ratchet hub in Army Green. Finally, we unearthed a few sets of these limited ‘face’ Twisted PC pedals.
purp Proper
Gyros never die. The new generation of park riders are all about this life. Odyssey’s GTX-S is constructed from alloy and sealed for ultimate performance. Couple it with this CNC Proper gyro plate and you’re #winning.

Stocking Filler

Xmas Day One
We’re going to post up a few ideas for your Christmas pennies over the coming days. Let’s get to it;
-Odyssey Sexton top load stems are solid. As used by Sean Sexton himself and Mike ‘Jersey’ Taylor. This bronze colourway is particularly sweet and (unlike oil slick) it’s not sold out yet.
-These Proper Magnon sprockets fit pretty much all cranks and are in a similar bronze colourway. 25t or 28t teeth and also available in black, polished, or blue.
Day 2
-Flatware Cufflink grips sell like hot potatoes. Not surprising. They come with the best bar ends in the business and flangeless as standard. This midnight blue colorway is going it for us but they come in about colour you can imagine.
-These Proper female front hubs now have a chromoly internal axle for ultimate durability and optional slide-on guards to deal with whatever pegs abuse you might want to hand out. Available in a wide variety of colours and featuring details like (CNC spoke holes) that far more expensive hubs scrimp on.