New Odyssey TDFL and SXTN stems + Sunday Freeze Front Load stem

tdfl-oil-slick Tom Dugan Stem BK
Oh man these Oil Slick stems……the TDFL is not only Tom Dugan’s new signature stem it’s available in that incredible finish (as well as black or raw). 53mm only for now. Form an orderly queue!
Sexton Stem BK
Sean Sexton’s stem also comes in that mind blowing colourway (as well as black or raw). Ben Marvin here at IMG has been begging for a short-reach high rise stem for a while and now here it is………..48mm reach and 33mm rise.
Sunday have a new front load version of their affordable (but quality) Freeze stem for those who don’t subscribe to the whole huge front end theory…….or do but already have tall bars.

New Grips

Aitken gripgarrett-reeves-grip-prebookDugan Grip Brn
Dugan-Grips bk

Three new grips styles and everyone a banging signature grip;

  • The Mike Aitken signature grips is available in a choice of colourways and comes with removable flanges.
  • The Garrett Reeves grip come with zero flanges from the get go and looks real grippy with a mixture of a mushroom and kerin style patterns.
  • Tom Dugan is blowing up the world of BMX . His signature grip comes in a range of colours and (again) removable flanges and a design not unlike the super popular Flatware Cufflinks.

New Sunday Product

Any stores that have previously stocked Odyssey’s Million Dollar sprocket will know that it’s one of those items that just sells and sells. Now Sunday have entered the full guard sprocket with their new Knox sprocket in 25t or 28t. Black only and looking mighty fine.
Sunday have further expanded their product range to include these banging new Storm female hubs. Reasonably priced as well!
Grinderz! Sunday’s distinctive new wax will help you grind the roughest of ledges and stickiest of rails!