New Proper Stock

Driveside hubguards – if you’re all about the four pegs then these are going to protect your Proper (or similar) hub from grind damage. Much like the existing guards, these screw-on, replacing the existing cone nut. In case you were wondering, we have fresh stocks of cassette hubs to fit these bad boys to.

Proper’s Microlite V2 front hub has been refined over the years and now has a steel axle and bigger bearings for maintenance free riding. Note the new logo. These come in Black, Purple, Polished, and Blue for 2013.

The Magnalite brake also had a facelift for 2013. Also in Black, Polished, Blue, or Purple.

These are the new TTL forks. Built to last in black or chrome (with closed drop-out option). These include a black CNC cap and polished ones are available separately.

TTL frames come in two new colourways plus the ubiquitous black. This aqua blue is a durable paint finish…..similar to the previous ED Blue but less prone to scratching. The other colourway is cadmium grey……..a sweet metallic grey/brown.

Max Wood’s Trawlerman frames hit the UK in tiny numbers earlier this year. Now they’ll be available outside of a few exclusive shops.

Again, Stebson grips came to the UK in really limited numbers and sold out before they arrived. These are soft, long, and about as thin as a mushroom style grip can go.

Proper City Series Vol 3 – Bilbao from IMG TV on Vimeo.