Odyssey, Sunday! and GSport Christmas shipment

We’re now accepting pre-orders for our shipment which will be with shops just in time for Christmas. We’re expecting some of the items to move extra fast. Here’s some of the hottest items;

Sunday! Freeze top load stems – including these new translucent colours (and how good do they look) and the elusive black colourway.

New Odyssey Tom Dugan tyres – Black only 2.3″ or 2.4″

New Odyssey Hawk’s Nest bags

New Odyssey Aaron Ross 2 tyres - Black only 2.3″ or 2.4″

Limited Edition Odyssey “Galaxy” Tripod seats and PC pedals

New Sunday! Jake Seeley Tiger tye die seats

New Sunday! Garret Reeves Solar bars in 9.25″

New Odyssey Monolevers in polished

Re-stocks of the elusive Odyssey Key Chains

Loads of other new items to come!

Texas Toast by Navaz

I think the entire world knows this by now but………Odyssey host one the year’s great BMX events every year in Austin Texas and call it Toast. The emphasis in more on fun and celebrating the aspects of BMX that ought to be celebrated. This year looked like another banger and Navaz did a nice job showcasing some of the better riding and his range of filming apparatus.