New Odyssey and Sunday! goods

We’ve got a shipment sneaking into the country just in time for Christmas. Here’s some of the hottest items;
Odyssey 95 highway barThe new Highway bars are black or chrome and a whopping 9.5″. Lifetime warranty as per all items with 41Thermal heat treating.
Odyssey 9125 Boss Aaron Ross bars CP
Introducing the BOSS bar. Aaron Ross’ new signature handlebar now features a 9.125″ rise along with a traditional 7/8” crossbar tubing for superior strength and durability on taller bars
Odyssey Dugan tyres
These are the new Tom Dugan signature tyres. They’re big and they’re fairly slick and they the quality you’ve come to know from Odyssey.
Odyssey Hawks Nest
The new Hawk’s Nest bag is your ideal way of getting a bike from one country to another. Check the features;
Easy load opening
Interior tool pouch
Bike specific handle locations
Re-inforced and riveted handles
Heavy duty and grippy wheels
Multiple tie downs and straps
Minimal details for lightweight and stealth looks
Interior divider for clean / dirty sections as well as for hiding the bike
Odyssey Key Chain
Key Chains aren’t a new item but we finally have re-stocks of 2014′s most sought after item. Get em while you can. Solid pins or hollow.
Odyssey ltd galaxy pedals
These are the pedals they’ve all been talking about. BMX’s most popular pedals now come in this amazing Limited Edition Galaxy colour way. Only available through Odyssey stockists.
Odyssey ltd galaxy seat
Matching the pedals are these three Limited Edition Galaxy Tripod seats. With the vast majority of new complete bikes now coming with Tripod seats and no obvious disadvantages over Pivotal, it’s clear where the future lies.
Odyssey Ross 2 tyres
It seems as if the “keyboard” phase or Aaron Ross’s signature product line is drawing to close and it’s being replaced by solid, functional, designs like these new Ross 2 tyres. Less slick than the Dugan’s, this tyres looks set to be a great all-rounder and the obvious successor to the classic “Path”.
Sunday Freeze stems trans
With a retail price under £30 and all the features of a stem twice the price, Sunday’s Freeze stem is our best seller. For 2015 Sunday! upped the ante by adding these amazing translucent colours.
Sunday Manhandle 975 bars CP
Our biggest bar to date at 9.75″. These Sunday! “Manhandle” bars are 41Thermal. Enough said!
sunday Solar bar bk
Garrett Reeves has his own 41Thermal bar through Sunday! These are 9.25″ and will look good with any windsheeter.
Sunday tiger tye die Jake Seeley
Jake Seeley appeared on the interwebs last night doing a backwards x-up crooked grind. In Pivotal or Tripod his signature tiger tie-dye seat is a winner.
Sunday’s popular and affordable Broadcaster frame is now available in these awesome translucent black and translucent black cherry colour ways.

Aaron Ross’s signature frame is available in 20.75″ or 21″ and features all the quality you’ve come to expect from Sunday! frame.
Sunday’s popular and affordable Radocaster frame is now available in Gloss Black and Raw colour ways. The Radocaster has a slightly more stable rear end that the Broadcaster making it a great all-rounder.
This is the exact same frame that Gary Young rides. With great all-round geometry and a Lifetime Warranty you wont find a better starting point for custom complete.

2015 Fly Bikes shipment due next week

We’re expecting Fly Bikes 2015 product into the UK next week and we’ll accepting pre-orders from tomorrow. Here’s why;

Fly 2015

The 2015 complete bikes are pretty much completely sold out here at IMG but obviously that means there will be stores with stock for Christmas. How dialed is this Electron?

Electron 2015

2015 Fly completes are available from the following stores;
Crucial BMX
Motion BMX
Sibot BMX
Urban Air
Glenn Goode
Dead Sailor
Custom riders

Odyssey, Sunday! and GSport Christmas shipment

We’re now accepting pre-orders for our shipment which will be with shops just in time for Christmas. We’re expecting some of the items to move extra fast. Here’s some of the hottest items;

Sunday! Freeze top load stems – including these new translucent colours (and how good do they look) and the elusive black colourway.

New Odyssey Tom Dugan tyres – Black only 2.3″ or 2.4″

New Odyssey Hawk’s Nest bags

New Odyssey Aaron Ross 2 tyres - Black only 2.3″ or 2.4″

Limited Edition Odyssey “Galaxy” Tripod seats and PC pedals

New Sunday! Jake Seeley Tiger tye die seats

New Sunday! Garret Reeves Solar bars in 9.25″

New Odyssey Monolevers in polished

Re-stocks of the elusive Odyssey Key Chains

Loads of other new items to come!